Ian Peatey, Author at Solution
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Author: Ian Peatey

SOLUTION TALK – the art of constructive conversations   “Solution talk creates solutions” Steve de Shazer   Get familiar with a simple, but effective approach to switch a conversation from complaining or problem analyzing to solution building. This switch can boost positive energy and confidence, get faster results and build commitment for development.   In this 5 hours workshop you will Explore how you can guide a conversation by questions and appreciative remarks Gain insights on how to focus your attention to move forward in a conversation Experience how to create enthusiasm and emotional involvement of collaborators and conversation partners Discover a simple approach to produce

By: Alina Buzatu (Alina's Website) Last evening I was happy to be present as a co-organizer and participant to the 12th Solution Cafe, our monthly free event that is taking place for more than a year, each month, 2nd Tuesday evening, from 6:30 pm and 9 pm, people being invited to join for free. This is the event to come if you want to (sometimes for the first time in that week or month) to offer yourself 15 minutes of thinking and talking and connecting with a topic that it’s of interest for you. Could be a professional challenge, or a project

By: Robert Blaga (Robert's Website) When I learned that I was accepted into college, the Psychology department, about 12 years ago, my mind was set on becoming a psychotherapist. I was eager to learn the craft and start helping people work on their challenges. After only six months, I gave up. The first rule of the game was to keep your mouth shut and don’t offer solutions to the client. It was not my kind of business. What if I know what the client should do? What if his own solutions are stupid or, worse, they are dangerous? "I can’t shut up and

By Fania Pallikarakis When I sat down to write this article for protagon.gr I asked myself, how could I explain what Solution Focus is, in only 400 words? Can it be described so briefly? I kept stopping and starting. And then I realised. I didn’t have to explain what it is. We all already know. We just don’t know that we know. We all solution-­‐focus, we just don’t know that we do. You do also. You just don’t know it. You solution-focus whenever you say “Aha! How come I hadn’t thought of that earlier?”; every moment you can see things clearly and spot