FAQ - Solutiosurfers Romania
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Why Solutionsurfers?

Surfers have mastered a different way of moving ahead. They make very elegant and skilful use of the existing forward moving forces of waves in the ocean.
A wide range of professionals like managers, practitioners and project leaders, have learned to apply the same principles for reaching workplace goals more consistently and with less effort.


Solutionsurfing allows faster resolution of challenges and sustainable day-to-day progress towards a preferred future by applying Solution Focused Principles.

How is solutions-focus different?

“Problem talk creates problems – solution talk creates solutions”, Steve De Shazer.


Focusing on solutions and doing more of what works is often much faster and more effective for clients than analysing problems and difficulties and their causes. It can produce more sustainable results and a lasting shift towards continuous client development.


Therefore solutions-focused coaches ask a lot of solution-building questions like:


On a scale from 1 – 10 ; where are you on the way to your goal?
What has been helpful to move up on the scale already?
Suppose you were at 10: How would that make a difference? Who would notice?
In the recent past: when were there moments with small bits of the 10 already happening? How did you manage to do that?
How would you start noticing that you have moved one point up on your scale?


Find out more about the art of asking solution-focused brief coaching questions.

What is Brief-Coaching?

Clearly Brief-Coaching is about being brief and effective. Brief-Coaching typically enables clients to come unstuck and get back on track in fewer sessions. Brief-Coaching success rates are as high as those of other coaching approaches.


Brief-Coaching is also about using an elaborated set of coaching tools and applying highly effective assumptions. The Brief-Coaching tools and assumptions are the result of over 25 years of practical research in the field on how best to support fast and lasting change. This approach involves a dramatic shift of paradigm towards solution-building interventions, and is therefore also known as solutions-focused coaching.


– Brief-Coaching stresses the importance of seeing each client as the expert in finding his/her own solutions. It brings to the surface and builds on clients’ resources and strengths.


– Brief-Coaching focuses on directing clients’ attention towards those moments and actions that are already working the way they want. It helps clients identify what it is that makes these moments work, and do more of the same.


– Brief-Coaching carefully explores how clients want their lives to be different and how they will notice next steps on their road towards the goal. It helps to build on small and achievable successes.


You may find it useful to take a look at some of the articles, books and videos in our treasure box. And/or you might like to join one of our Introduction Workshops.

Is this the right coach training for me?

We suggest that you carefully check out different kinds of coaching and different coaching schools before you decide. Look for a course that:


– provides a coaching approach that you are comfortable with

– offers the goals that you want to reach, and

– best fits your individual learning style.


Our Brief Coaching Programme is unusual as it focuses almost entirely on learning by doing. Our course participants try out Brief-Coaching in a number of real-life situations and in small groups. Our faculty members help you reflect on your coaching experiences and focus on what works for you and for your clients. The size of our faculty guarantees maximum support and learning opportunities for individuals.


The Brief-Coaching approach is simple to learn and participants find it easy to bring the tools into their practice.

Is this Brief Coaching Course useful for me if i don't want to become a professional coach?

More than 60% of our participants work as managers, team leaders or HR managers in an organization. They benefited from the course in improving their leadership and communication style, learning a positive approach to change and life in general. The options to apply the Solution Focused principles are unlimited as the ocean.


Listen to the testimonials of the participants.

What about certification?

A growing number of corporate clients require their coaches to have a certificate. Our training offers the option to gain an internationally-recognised certificate issued by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest independent non-profit association of coaches.


As an alternative to following an ICF-accredited coach training programme, ICF Certification can also be obtained by an individual portfolio application directly to the ICF, followed by an ICF examination.

Can I earn a living doing Brief-Coaching?

A very important question! Brief-Coaches only see most of their clients for a few sessions. The success of a Brief-Coaching practice depends on your reputation for being brief and effective rather than setting up a series of long-term coaching relationships.


This saves your clients time, effort and money. Brief-Coaching competencies can also be highly effective when integrated into longer-term coaching relationships.


Building up a coaching practice takes time. Most graduates of our Brief-Coaching courses start out by offering a mix of services, with coaching providing only one part of their income. Most coaches integrate Brief-Coaching approaches into their other training, consultancy, marketing etc and find that it enhances their effectiveness.