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Why us


We are not experts in your business and probably have little or no content to contribute to your agenda topics. We are experts at creating a structure, activities and space where you will build your solutions efficiently and in a positive frame. We have line management experience and understand the reality and dynamics inside the organisational world. At the same time we have extensive experience of a wide range of facilitated interventions across many types of business and cultures.

What we offer


We offer well prepared, tailored, hands-on facilitation of meetings of any type or size. Typical meetings where we are asked to contribute include:


– Board level or Management Team strategy
– Team-building events
– Regional or national gatherings
– Departmental meetings
– Team and project meetings
– Etc.


We build our interventions around an exclusively solution oriented approach. First we will get clear about the purpose and intention of your meeting through discussion (for more complex projects we may run some pre-interviews or focus groups to do this). We will then build a simple process to help your meeting to:


– Develop a clear and engaging picture of what success looks like
– Identify and build on what’s already working and the resources you already have
– Agree the next steps that will move you forward.


Our intervention could be to take care of running the whole meeting or as an integrated part of a longer gathering.

Strategy Meetings – Team Meetings – Team Events


Meetings of are at the core of a business, ranging from large corporate team building, through top level strategy development to project co-ordination and day to day departmental meetings. They are where decisions get made, information gets shared, teams develop and progress is made.


Yet how often do you experience the perfect meeting? Our guess is not very often.


We believe the perfect meeting moves things forward efficiently, effectively and enjoyably. People leave such meetings feeling more positive, motivated and ready to co-operate. They leave the meeting thinking ‘this was the absolutely the best way I could possibly imagine to spend that time‘.


Everyone says that and probably most believe it. We’re the same. Take a look below at the case studies of some of our assignments and discover how we really are different.

Case Studies

Board Meeting with Multinational Insurance Company

We ran a one day meeting with the Board to help them integrate and understand each other better. Specific outcomes were increased focus during meetings and better planning on strategic issues.”


As part of the project we interviewed each Board Member to discover what they appreciated and was working well about the organisation and each other. A summary of these discussions was presented to the group as a way to focus on what is already working. We then worked with a series of interventions to help them discuss and agree how to move forward with their desired outcomes.


We were subsequently asked to roll-out this approach to the next level of management.

While we cannot guarantee perfection, we can help you move closer.

Annual Meeting of CFO's for a global Market Research Company

We were asked to facilitate part of a 2-day meeting of regional CFO’s to help them identify ways to become more influential within the business as a whole and act more like business partners to the other directors.


We initially ran a 4 hour workshop for the EMEA region and were subsequently asked to do the same in the APAC and Americas regions in Bejing and Los Angeles.

Department Strategy Day for International Bank

We facilitated a full day with a whole department for their annual strategy development.

Management Away Day for Oil and Gas Company

We worked with the management team and Head Office staff to help clarify direction they wanted to take in the business.