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Development Programmes - Testimonies

“It was a great pleasure for me to work with Petra and Ian and our Ursus senior management team on an introduction to coaching. As a qualified coach it was refreshing for me to observe how much passion and interest Petra uses in delivering her training. She uses novel techniques and introduces fun into all aspects of the course. I enjoyed taking part in the 3 sessions that she facilitated and I received great feedback about her and her partner from all the participants. Of course one day will never be enough to “teach” someone coaching but the interest that was generated by the variety of the exercises will definitely stimulate the participants to practise more and use a coaching style in their daily interactions with their teams.


Thanks Petra and Ian – it was a great experience to meet you and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with you.”


Alan Sikora, Vice President Technical, URSUS Breweries SA Romania – Subsidiary of SABMiller plc.


“We were so lucky when I decided to accept our HR Manager proposal to participate at a coaching program. The proposal was coming in a period with a lot of difficulties on HR Department and a strong desire for development for our HR manager. The coaching program she joined lead by Petra Muller-Demary was planned to have three sessions. Already after first one the change in our HR manager attitude was easy to be seen by me and my colleagues from Plant Management Team.


Considering that the atmosphere in management team was not what we would like to have, having a lot of conflicts, not working well together on day by day issues, accumulating a lot of frustration in between team members, I decided that we should do something to change existing situation, and then was coming the idea to do with entire Management Team the same thing what our HR manager did.


We have started with management team a coaching training program as per Petra´s proposal adapted to our not very generous available time. The program was consisting in two sessions. The last one was mainly a review of what we have applied for the first one. Soon after first session the change of attitude, the relashionship in between team members were visible changed in better. Changes made in so short time and so easy to be noticed were exciding our expectation.


Working together with Petra was a pleasure, she was looking like part of our team, very open and friendly approach. All my team agreed that was something new and was the best training we have had in the last period.


For those teams which are in critical situations and they wish to change the status in better, I strongly recommend a coaching program with Petra Muller-Demary, it is a pleasure to work with her and results are guaranteed.”


Augustin Pastor – Plant Manager Adient – Timisoara


“When we contacted you I was looking for a special training on motivation for my team. Something beside the “out of the box” standard trainings you might get offered on the market. What made us choose solutionsurfers was your approach on the topic by using “coaching” as core of the motivation tools. It worked out very well. I found the team highly involved in the training, you saw the energy constantly rising, to a level where you could feel it in the room. In the feedback and coaching exercises I recognized that the colleagues gave true and honest feedback to each other, which can only happen if a high level of trust exists between the team members. I felt the distance between my management team shrinking.


The training provided by you did not only give us a very good toolset how to motivate our employees, it also gave us a good understanding about the basics of “coaching”. In addition I felt that we finalized the training as a better team, with team members standing closer together.


Thank you very much again for this very good experience.”


Christian Wienands – Commercial Manager Takata – Arad


“This course was a cold shower for me. I realised my old way of managing and leading, which I thought was the best way needs to change.”


Alexandru (Andi) Dinita, Chief Scientific Officer, Novartis Pharma Services Romania


Team Coaching Training - Testimonies

“Team coaching was an inspirational experience from lots of perspectives. Very useful and approachable tools, many personal insights in a safe atmosphere created by the two amazing trainers, Petra and Ian. Thank you.” Ioana Nastase, Regional HR Business Partner – NEPI Rockcastle


“Excellent combination of instruments (in terms of process and content) that generates a valuable learning experience. I am very grateful to you both, Petra & Ian for facilitating this workshop.” Oana Batusariu, Head of Supply Chain – Orange Romania


“Two great days, full of interested insights that helped me become aware of myself and my personal assets. The tools used during the program will add value to my day-to-day activity. I fully recommend this workshop!” Diana Radulescu, HR Manager – Porr Construct


“Two insightful days with easy to use intruments & tools that can shift teams´mindset to focus on solutions. Great people. Amazing facilitators.” Andra Cruceanu, Founder – Happyology

PURE Brief Coaching Training - Testimonies

“Solution focus coaching proved to be the most useful coaching approach to use as it is easiest to integrate in any day to day conversation, it builds positive energy by focusing on solutions not on problems/who to blame etc. It helps people to become “solutions experts” themselves by modeling the thought process of resolving the issues they were facing. And it is fast – I would say, the fastest, to lead to a solution, and practical.


I have used different coaching approaches within Honeywell for more than 10 years and out of these, I used Solution Focus coaching for the last 7 years.


I worked with Petra Muller-Demary in several occasions during the past 7 years and I was amazed by the practical approach and energy of Petra. In all the situations we worked together, Petra help me and my organization to find practical solutions for our business issues while enhancing the positive mindset, responsibility and fun.”


Paul Caramidariu – Site Leader , Honeywell Lugoj (2012-2019)


“Good people management is about listening and asking powerful questions. That’s what Solution Focus is all about. To focus more on what is already working, to recognize the signs of success and how can you build up on them. It is a shift of perspective and gives a lot of positive energy.”


 Click here for the video!


Aurelian Sin – Danone IS Director South East Europe


“The training is like entering into a new state of mind, a new world and that is wonderful! It shifts the way of thinking from seeing mainly the negative aspects in a situation in recognizing the positive, the options and resources. It is amazing how it changed my whole way of living! It’s like you have a new pair of glasses!”


“I am more efficient now in my interactions and how I organize myself and I have the structured questions to support others in finding their solutions.“


 Click here for the video!


Andreea Pandelache – Orange OD Consultant


“This training gave me a lot of energy, it gives me the lightness to deal with any challenge life confronts me with. That’s a very profound change.
I could immediately use the tools I learned here and put them into practice in my work as a trainer and coach. From the very first day the training builds up the confidence to grow and to practice as a coach in a very natural way. That’s the key to success!”


“No matter if you are trainer, manager, HR manager or consultant when you start with the solutions focused approach you will fall in love with it.“


 Click here for the video!


Diana Voicu – MMM Consulting


“This course was a wonderful experience that opened my horizon. I see now thing from a different perspective. Even in a glass which is almost empty is a drop of water.“


“I became an even better people manager through this course. I now apply in a much more structured way coaching in business context and I see the success it brings.“


Mircea Iancu – Vodafone Retail Strategy Manager


“During the six months course I discovered a new way of living. I changed my mindset, my communication style and approach to people, also how I am looking at my children. I pay a lot more attention on what people are saying and the communication becomes much simpler. Solutions are coming up in a very easy and natural way without putting pressure.”


 Click here for the video!


Andra Antonescu – Deloitte HR Manager


“It was a revelation for me to discover such a simple technique and yet very deep. It helped me to see the freedom to get detached from a problem and to see it as a simple situation that has to have different solutions and different perspectives.“


“This program is easy to access and is applicable as well in the personal life as in the professional life. I work as a finance consultant and I now involve the client much more in finding the best solution. I intend to apply coaching questions even more in the future.“


 Click here for the video!


Crenguta Jantea – Partner at Expense Reduction Analysts


“I learned to concentrate on what is working specially in difficult situations. To identify and use my resources and this way I make much faster progress and reach my objectives.


I appreciate the good and clear structure of the program that builds up confidence to use the tools from the very first day.“


Laura Ionescu – Coach


“Solution Focus is very useful as a means of communication and a way of fostering good ideas and increase motivation. 121 meetings are shorter and more productive with people coming with their own ideas and implementing them with increased motivation.For me personally it was a total shift of perspective and even helped me in adapting my parenting skills.


Petra is that kind of person that brings calm in any room and creates the best learning atmosphere possible, she is a master in coaching and goes out of her way to help everyone. Even after finalising the training i keep going to workshops or retreats organized by Petra only to come back to that atmosphere she creates around her.“


Raul Ciungu Iordate – Profi Rom Food