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Solution Cafe no. 12

Solution Cafe no. 12

By: Alina Buzatu (Alina’s Website)

Last evening I was happy to be present as a co-organizer and participant to the 12th Solution Cafe, our monthly free event that is taking place for more than a year, each month, 2nd Tuesday evening, from 6:30 pm and 9 pm, people being invited to join for free.

This is the event to come if you want to (sometimes for the first time in that week or month) to offer yourself 15 minutes of thinking and talking and connecting with a topic that it’s of interest for you. Could be a professional challenge, or a project you want to start, an idea you’re a giving a thought for some time but never actually articulated it, a time management challenge or a how you keep a more balanced approach between career and personal.

At the first sight, could sound too enthusiastic to say that having 15 minutes just for you, while the colleagues on your table are addressing you solution focused questions written on some cards, will make any difference. But it does. Being so caught in doing, in reaching results, in finishing this or that, in giving that phone call, in managing establishing that meeting, we find it harder and harder to find that space for a chit-chat with our inner self and spend some quiet moment, curiously asking “How are you doing?”.

After attending one of the Solution Cafes, people are most of the times, leaving the room happy and smiling. And why is that? I asked the colleagues from my table at the end of yesterday evening in order to find out why:

“What are you taking with you?”

Mirela the fact that I talked about this subject with somebody else. If I would have had decided to share it previously, I get the sense some of them would have told me “this is not possible” or they probably wouldn’t gave me an honest opinion.

Alina Seeing myself through the eyes of the others. Even if I felt sometimes the questions would took me off the track, at the end, everything felt into pieces and made sense. I will add – the good energy of the group.

FlorinaFor me it was this thing that I liked the most – the fact that the questions on the cards would take you off the track. And I also appreciated the authenticity of the group.

“What will you do differently after joining the Solution Café?”

FlorinaTo remain objective. I had the sensation I can step out of the bubble.

MirelaI will take some questions with me, which I see to be applicable to different professional meetings.

Alina I will address myself the questions on the cards.

“Why will you invite people to come and join the Solution Café?”

MirelaBecause it’s an authentic space and context to address whatever problem you have and which you wouldn’t have thought to address it so far.

Alina –  Energy and perspective.

Florina  – Because you learn hands on.

We are happy to have you on board, joining the next Solution Café which will take place on the 12th of May. Please feel free to also invite friends and relatives. More details about the event, location and timing here:

And please don’t forget that in May Petra is starting a new coaching class. Would like to find out more? Then please access the web page of the coaching training:

May that the solution focused approach will be with you!