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Online Services


Surfing the current storm

For many of us, life has changed considerably in a matter of days. Many of us are now in isolation and working from home. Companies who were just exploring with this set up before had to adjust rather suddenly to everyone working remotely. And this was – and still is – a task that ranges from new and interesting to staggering.


Questions like: ‘how to keep people and teams motivated?’ start to acquire whole new dimensions under the circumstances. Even where there was some history of working in the so called ‘virtual teams’ things are not the same. And where there wasn’t all is new and often overwhelming. We never really liked the name ‘virtual team’ anyway so now it’s probably the best time to say that a team is a team, whether it is located in a building on the same floor, on different floors, in different buildings or in different cities and countries. Each of these have their specific needs. The ones called ‘virtual’ are just not sitting together, but they are still made up of real people. Who have varied, rich lives and different needs.


Implementing change in organisations and in our personal lives has always brought a level of challenges. The change that we all have to integrate now is unprecedented. That is why it calls for approaches and skills that maybe we cannot even fathom at the moment. That is why, maybe, the best solutions will come from connecting, looking at resources and putting our teams’ minds together to create something new.


During these times, we are here to support you and your colleagues through a series of customised online interventions such as facilitated team meetings and one-to-one sessions, to find answers to some of these questions:


– How can people working from home (WFH) all the time integrate what we used to call ‘work and home’?

– How can you stay motivated and keep colleagues motivated in the WFH set up?

– How can you find the right balance between control and genuine support?

– What is possible now that was not possible before?

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Tell us more about your needs and we can build the appropriate intervention together.