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Unrealistic hopes

Unrealistic hopes

A manager asked yesterday,

When you ask people for their best hopes of change don’t they sometimes say something which is totally unrealistic?

Yes, of course! So what do you do with it?

In  a  coaching session the client said his best hope would there would no longer be a boss.

Me: So what difference would that make for you?

Client: Oh, I would have time to do the things I am interested in.

Me: So what would that be?

I was curious to find out more about what he was enthusiastic about and he wanted to spend more time and energy on. And it was even something work related. In the end he developed a good strategy how he can find support for his ideas in the company and also how he could make his boss interested in supporting him in this project.

‘Unrealistic’ goals can be seeds for improvement,  development and solutions when you discover the wish, need and the desire behind it.

Suppose xxx will happen, what difference will that make for you?

Can be one of the questions that helps you to discover more!