Embodied Solution Focused Coaching - Solutiosurfers Romania
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Embodied Solution Focused Coaching


Embodied Solution Focused Coaching

with Dr. Petra Müller-Demary (PCC)

Advanced online coach training program

Dr. Petra Müller-Demary coach and coaching trainer

Date: 27th April & 11th May, 2021; each day 9:00am – 12:30pm CET (10.00 – 13.30 Romania time)

Number of training hours: 2 × 3,5 hours

Venue: online (Zoom)

ACSTH: 7 points

Pricing: 250 EUR

You are a coach who wishes to reach a further level in your coaching skills. You want to build on your experience and existing competence with a renewed curiosity, even eager to go beyond what you already know and discover new horizons in coaching and a more exceptional lightness in your practice.


In this training you will learn how add in your coaching practice the language of the body.  In solution focused coaching we use the magic of language. We ask inviting questions and use the power of imagination and our mind.


Our body is not only a container that carries our precious mind, but a source of wisdom and a resource we can use in our coaching sessions.  Embodied coaching is coaching with full awareness of our body reactions.  Raising the body-awareness in our clients and making use of this in our coaching conversations can lead to new perspectives and insights.  We create a solution focused space and inviting our clients to give words to all that is felt in our physical and emotional level, without judgment and explanations, without looking for ‘root-causes’.


You will learn to

  • Combine solution focused coaching and embodiment
  • Explore the interconnection of body, emotions and thinking
  • Guide the client to raise awareness in the body without labeling, judging or explaining
  • Use the physical space to create change in perspective

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